Fast Custom Antenna Design for Your Application

Solve your wireless challenge without compromising your budget, schedule or IP.

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  • Quick turnaround – RF team, tools, & chamber on site
  • Streamline R&D – modeling, analysis, fabrication, & test
  • Conserve R&D budget – efficient custom design – economical OTS recommendations whenever possible
  • Iterate fast – design-test cycles in minutes, not months
  • Hands-on access – RF chambers available
  • Control your IP – Own your design. Choose your manufacturer.
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Choose Your Best Option with Expert RF Guidance and Design

There are thousands of low cost OTS (off-the-shelf) antenna options for standard wireless applications.

A free consultation from Bluflux will help you decide whether an OTS solution could meet your needs.  If so, BluFlux will recommend a part or refer you to a reliable manufacturer.

But if your wireless product breaks the traditional mold in a new application space, there may be no OTS antenna option available.

Certain performance, packaging, or design constraints demand a new antenna or significantly modifications to an OTS antenna.  For some MIMO antenna designs, the optimal solution could be a combination of custom and COTS antennas.

Custom antenna design requires electromagnetic modeling and design, prototype fabrication, antenna performance testing, design iteration, and RF testing.

If you don’t have all those capabilities in-house, you’ll need a reliable and nimble partner.

BluFlux will guide you to a swift, successful wireless product launch with no unwanted surprises.

Rapid, Streamlined RF R&D

BluFlux RF offers modeling, design, prototyping, and testing under a single roof to streamline your path to a working product. Same-day prototyping services and an on-site RF chamber give you fast design iterations so you can launch sooner.

  • Proven antenna design team – 7 antenna design patents (4 issued, 3 pending)
  • All RF disciplines on site – fullwave electromagnetic design and modeling, antenna prototyping and test and measurement
  • Electromagnetic CAD tools and expertise, including HFSS, CST, and Altium
  • Two on-site ETS Lindgren RF Chambers

Diverse RF and Antenna Experience

By drawing on RF design experience in diverse application areas, BluFlux can save you countless research hours, quickly catch potential pitfalls, and give you a design based on proven techniques:

  • wearable sensors
  • defense/aerospace
  • medical RTLS
  • emergency response RTLS
  • precision ranging and radar
  • asset tracking
  • wearable devices and SAR reduction
  • application-specific chip-module style antennas

Team Approach.  Predictable Results.

BluFlux has the same type of test facility as the world’s best-known wireless brands. With the right tools and team, you can launch your product as predictably and efficiently as the company that built the cell phone in your pocket.

Working with BluFlux is like having your own in-house test team and chamber – without the million-dollar price tag.

Control your IP.  Launch on time and on your own terms.

When BluFlux delivers your antenna or complete RF front end design, it will both meet your requirements and give you the freedom to choose your preferred antenna manufacturer for production.

By owning your design, you bypass IP licensing restrictions that prevent timely improvements and OTS solutions that don’t meet your needs.

With BluFlux in your corner, you’ll launch your product on schedule and on your own terms.

To schedule your free antenna design consultation, access the online request form below.

A BluFlux antenna designer will respond within 1-2 business days to schedule your consultation and assess your application.

Schedule Your Free Antenna Design Consultation