February 10, 2015

Scientist of the Year: Dr. Julio Navarro

Black Engineer – Lango Deen
“Radio frequency technology is advancing and Dr. Julio Navarro’s expertise and vision allows Boeing to translate these advances into products that benefit their customers. Dr. Navarro is a leading expert in the Radio frequency (RF) field of phased array antennas and micro-electronics. He has received more than 25 patents, authored 40 papers in peer-reviewed publications, and co-authored the first reference textbook in the field, “Integrated Active Antennas and Spatial Power Combining.” He is a recognized expert in RF sensors, circuits, antennas and integrated electronics.”

RF Explorer: A good, inexpensive RF spectrum analyzer
TechRepublic – Michael Kassner
“Wi-Fi techs have two choices when tracking down interference: guessing or using an RF spectrum analyzer. Nuts About Nets just made using an RF spectrum analyzer a better choice.”

2015 Predictions: Video streaming, RF technology set for a boost
RCR Wireless – Opinion
“…Active antenna systems and RF technologies continue to gain traction in the “4G” space given the growing spectrum crunch and continued increase in wireless penetration. From machine-to-machine and “Internet of Things” devices to smartphones, tablets and other wireless products, devices are going to need to be equipped with technologies that allow them to work smarter in order to achieve ubiquitous coverage. We can expect to see devices equipped with advanced antenna system structures, active components, such as tunable capacitors and/or switches, and more complex algorithms, allowing these devices to perform tasks such as “beam steering” from within the device to find the best RF link for increased data throughput.”

Researcher Discusses Development of Multilayer Thin-Film Antennas
“A variety of studies using transparent electrodes and transparent conductive films have been conducted in RF applications. If the RF performance of a transparent antenna can be made similar to that of a conventional antenna, a wide range of applications in wireless communication become possible, including for the Internet of things (IoT) and RFID.”

Accuracy in the Palm of Your Hand
GPS World – Kenneth M. Pesyna, Jr., Robert W. Heath, Jr. and Todd E. Humphreys
“The smartphone antenna’s poor multipath suppression and irregular gain pattern result in large time-correlated phase errors that significantly increase the time to integer ambiguity resolution as compared to even a low-quality stand-alone patch antenna. The time to integer resolution — and to a centimeter-accurate fix — is significantly reduced when more GNSS signals are tracked or when the smartphone experiences gentle wavelength-scale random motion.”

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