UWB, RTLS and Indoor Positioning News Roundup

Indoor positioning is a big deal, but it’s a tough nut to crack, at least to crack effectively from a technology standpoint. Every building is different, with different materials that may or may not effect the ability of a system to track locations, and RTLS systems can be built to work on several technologies including GPS, ultra-wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RFID. As you can see from the mix of articles below – the applications of real-time location systems are broad – from commercial applications in malls where your smartphone might buzz “Hey! Thanks for walking by Cinnabon! Here’s a coupon!” to being able to precisely track first responders and know where they are in a life or death situation, to making sure your Roomba doesn’t fall down the stairs – among many others.

In-Building Location Services: The Next Big Bluetooth App
Bernard Cole, EE Times
“…advances in indoor location and positioning technologies, combined with the growing ubiquity of Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled smartphones, is fueling a revolution in indoor “people tracking” by commercial enterprises such as large retail stores and shopping malls.”

home-smartphoneTelecom Museum Calls on UWB RTLS to Provide Location-Based Content
Claire Swedberg, RFID Journal
“A French museum devoted to the science and history of telecommunication, is installing an active RFID ultra-wideband (UWB)-based solution from proximity technology company Ticatag to make content about exhibits more interesting, accessible and interactive for visitors. The system is expected to be taken fully live this summer, with 32 devices known as Ticatag beacons installed around the museum, as well as 10 tablets running an app designed to display information based on the location of Ticatag battery-powered tags worn by visitors. The Ticatag beacons and tags are made with DecaWave’s UWB DWM1000 transceiver modules.”

This Indoor Location System Could Help Your Roomba Find Its Way
John Wenz, Popular Mechanics
“If you’ve seen a Roomba crash around in search of a path, you’ve seen how imprecise location finding can be. To shrink the margin of error down to scales unseen in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Pozyx uses ultra-wideband radio waves, which transmit low-power signals across various frequencies.”

Real-Time Location System market to grow at CAGR 37.41% between 2015-2019
“An RTLS is a technology that is used to find, track, manage, and identify the geographical position of a target on a real-time basis. It can track the location of objects in real time with the help of nodes or tags and readers.”

Crowdsourcing Indoor Positioning
Janice Patryka, GPS World“This month I look at crowdsourcing for indoor-location positioning and report findings on GPS in smartphones that provide reliable earthquake warnings.”

Repeat after me: Location, location, location
Guy Daniels, TelecomTV
“…increasing activity around indoor maps, and indoor positioning technology via Bluetooth beacons or WiFi, will enable the rise of indoor

[location-based services], including proximity-based advertising on mobile devices.”

How Many Meters Away From the Coffee Machine? Indoor Positioning System
Richard Smith, Business 2 Community
“Mobile is ubiquitous. Contextual awareness regarding the ecosystem where mobile operates is the need of the hour. Indoor Positioning systems (IPS) have been there for a while now. They are complex because of the multiple technologies and integration involved but the business value they can create is tremendous.”