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As an experienced wireless product industry professional, you know that antenna performance is critical to product success.

As an antenna design consultancy and CTIA Authorized Test Lab, BluFlux measures and optimizes antenna performance.

BluFlux is researching the wireless product development challenges faced by experienced pros like you to help us focus antenna design and testing resources where they are most needed.  

To thank you for describing your challenge, if you and your company qualify (see below), BluFlux will give you a $1,000 credit for antenna testing services.

You can apply your $1,000 credit to measuring the antenna performance of your own product or prototype or a competitor’s product.  The BluFlux anechoic chamber can produce a variety of quantitative test results to tell you how your device (or your competitor’s) is performing, including antenna gain patterns, cabled efficiency measurements, or cellular OTA (TRP/TIS) tests.

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If you’ve been wrestling with a nasty wireless product challenge, and you’d like to get $1,000 worth of antenna testing in exchange for 5 minutes of your time, please enter your contact info to get started, describe your challenge, and get your testing credit.

The BluFlux Process works great for us. BluFlux has designed and tested antennas for the exact form factors and performance we needed. They’ve always delivered on time and within the promised budget.
John Chabon, Electrical Engineer, Alcohol Monitoring Systems

Please note: The survey you will be completing is designed to help BluFlux learn about the challenges and needs faced by experienced wireless product development professionals and their companies. To qualify for this offer for antenna testing credit, your company must generate at least $1M/year in revenue from wireless product sales. If the company’s first wireless product is still pre-launch, then your company’s funding for the product development must be at least $1M. In addition, if your primary work role is technical (engineering/design), you must have at least 5 years’ wireless product development experience.